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Last week I believed I’d been depressed for most of my life. But now I’m beginning to remember times when things were good. I can remember this feeling of relief that the black noise had gone, and so I know … Continue reading

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Calling a spade a spade

I was first identifiably depressed at 14, and first diagnosed and prescribed antidepressants at 16. I’m now 41, and for all these years, I’ve been ‘a bit down’, ‘things have got on top of me’, I’ve been ‘stressed’, ‘not having … Continue reading

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Back to the Doctor

I went back to the doctor yesterday, for a check-up. They won’t give me more than four weeks’ supply of antidepressants at a time, so that they can see me on a regular basis. I think that’s very sensible, and … Continue reading

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It doesn’t all get fixed overnight

I’ve been on the antidepressants for three weeks and two days now. Everything improved very fast initially – but today I’m having a bad day. I’m making a lot of progress, and I’m feeling a lot better overall. When I … Continue reading

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Today’s Big Realisation

I’m living my happy ever after. I have everything I’ve ever wanted and more. So why am I so desperately unhappy? Why do I feel as if life is nearly too hard to live? Why do I get anxious, bitter, … Continue reading

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