Debenhams Salisbury

The menu was confusing – most of it said ‘ask about the specials’. So I did, and was told Salad was off. When I explained I was on a diet, the waitress, who also seemed to be the owner, eventually admitted she had a chicken caesar salad (but she wasn’t happy with the prawns they’d supplied that morning so prawn salad was not available).

I ended up having the chicken caesar salad and a decaff coffee. Both were very nice – the chicken caesar had quite a few croutons but otherwise was loads of chicken and bacon in a spicy mayonnaise sauce and some very nice fresh salad leaves. Took a bit of a while to come, but when it did, there was an apology for the delay.


  • Probably suitable for the stricter levels of a low-carb diet (those of you with more stringent requirements could leave the croutons)
  • Delicious and quite filling


  • Only one or at most two choices for the low-carb lifestyle on the menu
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