Cote Brasserie, Salisbury

A very pleasant restaurant, tucked away in a pedestrianised area just off Salisbury High Street. It wasn’t quiet, being full of ladies meeting other ladies for lunch, and tourists sampling the delights of Salisbury, but the waiter did not seem at all phased by my request for a table for one. There was a special lunch menu as well as the main menu, and for once I actually had a choice of main meal.

I could have had olives for a starter, or mackerel, but I decided to go straight for the main meal. Rather than go for the lunch menu, where I could have had coq au vin or steak, I went for the chicken salad.

This was the best chicken salad I’ve ever had. It came in a large glass bowl. The chicken was chargrilled and in strips, arranged beautifully on a bed of fresh salad leaves. I’m not an expert on lettuce and the like, but these were very fresh, and varied. The salad dressing was herby and not too sharp, but not too sweet. Within the salad were croutons (not too many) and toasted walnuts.

Quite often a salad can leave me feeling not quite full, which is a bit of a danger to a low-carber. Feeling hungry after a salad is the time when the diet can slip but I left the restaurant feeling pleasantly full and very contented.


  • Fantastic chicken salad
  • Several potential menu choices
  • Great decaff latte – put Costa and Starbucks to shame
  • Free filtered water in what looked a bit like a stone jug – definitely not just tap water either
  • Service was very pleasant and friendly (although not the fastest in the world but see below)


  • Not cheap. My lunch including a tip came to £15, although it was definitely worth the money, and I will be going back there on Wednesday when I’m next in the Salisbury office
  • Service was not fast. It wasn’t desperately slow, and they were very busy, but if you’re on a strict lunchbreak, or one shorter than an hour, it might not be possible
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