Little Chef Warminster

There’s also a Little Chef next to the Travelodge in Amesbury, but the menu doesn’t seem to be consistent among the branches (franchises?)In Amesbury there seems to be a much more limited menu. Here in Warminster, I was pleased to see there are quite a few different low carb choices – more if you ask for the bread to be taken off the burgers.

I had Hunter’s Chicken – chicken breast in barbecue sauce, wrapped in a slice of bacon with a slice of cheese melted on top. With that I had salad – I asked for no chips and extra coleslaw, and the very nice waitress didn’t charge for the coleslaw since I didn’t have any chips.

The chicken was very nice, the salad was very fresh and the coleslaw crisp. The decaff tea came in a pot, the service was very pleasant and all in all it was a great meal.


  • Good food
  • Several low carb choices
  • Great service
  • Reasonable prices
  • I now have a Little Chef Loyalty Card:-)


  • I don’t feel extremely full. I would have liked a starter but there was nothing suitable on the menu

All in all, definitely recommended.

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