Double the Dose

Some of my symptoms came back. Not as badly as before, but just enough to worry me, and consistently. It’s the anxiety that gets to me – it’s exhausting. So I went back to the doctor. He doubled the dose of Sertraline that I’m on. Apparently I started on the lowest dose, and can take up to four times that, so I’ve still got some leeway. The doctor said it could be the weather or the time of year, and it’s true I don’t get on at all well with the cold. I’ve cheered up quite a bit since it started snowing.

I guess this is the bit where I’m managing my condition. I can see a future where I start taking a double dose as the clocks go back and go back onto a lower dose when the clocks go forward. Or perhaps this dose will do the trick. I’ve also reluctantly come to the conclusion that the ten minute walk in the fresh air really does help. It was nice going for a walk in the snow today – but I’m not convinced I could keep it up in the horrible weather.

Oddly enough, the double dose pills are about twice the size of the single dose pills. Since 50mg of Sertraline can’t possibly actually be that big, I’m guessing that’s a psychological trick by the pharma company…

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2 Responses to Double the Dose

  1. Alan Garde says:

    That sounds like a really good plan, definitely like you are managing it rather than playing catchup and picking up the pieces after. I’m glad it’s working for you and you are in a place now when you can see the things which make it feel worse and keep them in perspective (like the cold weather and it being harder to get out) rather than it be the end of the world. Good luck with the anxiety and hope you don’t get too many of those ‘4am moments’.

    • Funny you should say that – I stopped sleeping again. That’s the worst symptom for not coping – everything else can run on and be covered up, but two nights of not sleeping and I risk an epic fail at work – bad news for a contractor…

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