Without A Safety Net

Like the stereotypical mental health patient, I take my meds, I feel better, I don’t like the side effects so I stop taking them. This time, I’ve decided to stop to see if any of the self-examination and the effort I’ve put into healing and changing over the last 18 months or so has had any effect.

I’m doing this in the springtime (!), with the help and support of my doctor, and reducing the dose gradually. I would not advocate anyone doing this alone and coming off the drugs cold turkey, whatever medicine it is, for whatever ailment (you know who you are!!!)

So far, I’ve done a week of alternating 100mg and 50mg doses. The idea is that I do this for a month, then 50mg per day for a month, and then 50mg every other day – and then stop altogether. I’ve not noticed any real effects except for variable energy levels, and a flare-up of my colitis, and I have no idea whether either of those things are linked. It’s far too early to say whether this will work out well for me or not – but I’ll keep you posted….

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