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Walking on Thin Ice – Short Story Competition – Mental Health Theme

This is a plug for my friend Susan’s short story competition. It’s an opportunity for authors to fight back against the stigma of mental health issues and institutional abuse of power. The page is here: and there’s an opportunity … Continue reading

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Day 21 – 3 Week Results

Today  I weigh 14 stone 4, and I’ve lost a total of 12 lbs in three weeks. Must be working then, this Cambridge Diet lark. I’m now eating a small meal in the evenings and that’s helping no end. Haven’t … Continue reading

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Day 17 – Haddock and Mushrooms

After 16 days of no solid food, I decided I was too miserable to carry on with a completely liquid food diet. I have the option of swapping one soup or shake and a quarter of a pint of skimmed … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Chemistry

Tomorrow I’m going back to the doctor to ask to be put back on the antidepressants. I’m not quite sure how they could say no, since I have the tail end of my last packet and have already taken one:-) … Continue reading

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Day 13 and other random ramblings

Day 13. I have insomnia (just realised it’s actually day 14) and for the first time since I started the diet, I have a headache. Given the heat of the day and the distance I walked it’s almost certainly dehydration, … Continue reading

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Day 11

Nearly at the end of day 11. I’ve decided to do this absolutely by the book, no matter how horrible I feel, and do 12 weeks on the liquid diet and one week of step 2 with a meal. So … Continue reading

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First Week Over

Well, six days. And the answer is:   5lbs lost 3.5 inches lost off my waist 2 inches lost off my arms I’m very happy with that! I’ve now also bought some tetrapaks just in case I have to go … Continue reading

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