Day Zero

Cambridge Diet Lady has just been to complete the first set of measurements and deliver my week’s worth of food. It fits into a box the size of, possibly 20 CDs. I’ve got shakes, soups and porridge, all in powder form in packets, and I start the diet tomorrow morning.

I’ve been sticking to a nearly low carb diet for a few days in preparation, except for lasagne that Graham made yesterday, so I’m actually looking forward to starting. Of course I’ve immediately lost my card with all my measurements on it, but I remember the two most important ones – 15 stone 2lbs, and 44.5 inch waist. Serjane (Cambridge Diet Lady) also took two pictures of me in a slightly Usual Suspects fashion, so that I will be able to compare month on month.

I must say I’m impressed with how the system has its finger right on the motivation button. Measurements once a week, and she did my hips (oh right, 47 inches), my bust, my arm and leg measurements as well, so that if one week my weight doesn’t drop, it might be that my measurements decrease instead. Photos once a month, done in the doorway, which apparently creates a nice frame to show decreasing body size.

BMI was something like 37.8 I think, and my first goal is 12 stone 7, or a BMI of 31. This is because I was 12 stone 7lbs the day I got married:-) 

Well – I’ll see. I have Graham’s full support and pledge to keep me on plan if he possibly can, and Toby, who is a perfectly healthy weight but nearer to the top of the range of healthy weights than the bottom, is going to give me moral support by committing to eating more healthily from tomorrow. In fact Graham is too – they are both going to give up crisps, chocolate, ice creams and jellies:-) (Did you know there are five teaspoons of sugar in a pot of jelly?? If you don’t get the sugar free versions – which to be fair, are disgusting) Knowing how easily weight drops off the pair of them, I have banned them from losing weight faster than me:-)

I’m aiming to lose around 3lbs a week. So my first goal is… um… lose 37lbs, so roughly speaking 12 weeks, maybe 13. Conveniently, that’s pretty much the financial quarter, so by 1st October I hope to be back to wedding weight. However, the first real test will be the next blood glucose test on 9th September. The last test, a couple of weeks ago, showed a level of 6.6 – less than the diagnosis of diabetes, which is 7, but more than the recommended level of 5.9.

We shall see. I do expect to be blogging (make that whinging) about just how hungry I am, how awful low carb flu can be, and how desperately I miss my pretzels and 85% Green and Black’s… that’ll be fun for you all:-s

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