Day 13 and other random ramblings

Day 13. I have insomnia (just realised it’s actually day 14) and for the first time since I started the diet, I have a headache. Given the heat of the day and the distance I walked it’s almost certainly dehydration, so I’ve dragged the sparkling water out of the fridge. Even though I’m sick of sparkling water. And water. And skimmed milk. And decaff coffee. And tea with skimmed milk. And shakes with sweetener. And soups out of a packet. (That’s actually all I’m allowed to consume at the moment).

Today I was mostly craving diet coke, Quavers (no I don’t know why either) and oven baked salmon. It is that time of the month when I usually would eat even more than normal though, so I’m guessing that’s not helping, and might be why the weight loss has slowed down.

But I’m not feeling despondent, actually. Today I walked for 2.4 miles (to my cousin’s house from the train station and back again). And whilst I won’t be even running for the bus any time soon, it felt different. I am aware of how unfit I am, but during this walk I felt comfortable. I didn’t feel the same exhaustion that I have been feeling recently. And there were even hills! Small ones, but still definite inclines.

And my smallest pair of jeans fitted me comfortably today. They’re definitely not loose, and by smallest I mean a Bon Marche 18, but I haven’t been able to wear them for a good few months because they’ve been too tight.

It just feels like a long haul at the moment. And it will be. I have various minor goals along the way. The first major goal is the weight I was the day I got married, which was over 23 years ago. Took me 23 years to put the weight on… it may take me a while to get it off again.

I’ve just realised that I passed the first minor goal in the first week – I was 15 stone 1 when I fell pregnant with my youngest. My weight has gone up and down quite a bit since then, my lowest being I think 13st 2, but still that’s one minor goal done with. The next is 14 stone 2, the weight I was when I fell pregnant with my middle son in 2004 – and that’s only six pounds away… and in the end, it’s all just a numbers game. It’s my health that matters, and I’m sure that it can only benefit.

And my left calf is still fatter than my right calf!

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