Day 17 – Haddock and Mushrooms

After 16 days of no solid food, I decided I was too miserable to carry on with a completely liquid food diet. I have the option of swapping one soup or shake and a quarter of a pint of skimmed milk from my daily allocation, and having a 200 calorie meal, which is composed of lean protein plus some non-starch vegetables. Since The Husband had just been to Morrisons and got a three for the price of two deal on salmon and haddock I decided to have haddock and mushrooms.

It was quite delicious (The Husband is a really good cook), and very filling. Very very filling – you’re allowed a lot of the protein bit of the meal – 245g of chicken breast, or 250g of prawns, or 275g of white fish, of 325g of low fat cottage cheese (really?? Do people really eat that stuff? I’ve only ever used it to stick in a blender and put into cheesecake…) To put that in perspective, 250g is just a bit less than 10oz. 

I feel sooo much better though. It could well slow down the weight loss a bit, but I think I could probably cope with shakes for breakfast and lunch and this kind of meal in the evening. Without being a miserable grump. It would also mean I could eat with my family again rather than hiding in the garden as soon as The Husband starts cooking dinner.

It’s a hard, hard slog. But so far it’s worth it. I’ve lost less than a stone overall, but it’s made a huge difference. I feel more in control of my weight and my health. And much more appreciative of good food and The Husband’s cooking:-) I’m already planning tomorrow evening’s meal…

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2 Responses to Day 17 – Haddock and Mushrooms

  1. Jean Hardy says:

    Eleanor just to keep you going on your proper diet. I have not eaten what you call “proper food” for nearly 7 years. I feed liquid food through a tube in my stomach and it will never change. To keep my weight level I have 6 x 300mls of Ensure and the same amount of water every day. My daily intake is 1800 calories. I cook for Bert every day and have lots of friends and family for meals and I cannot even taste any of it. People say you must be used to it by now – never – from someone who loved their food. Absolutely nothing goes through my mouth because I could choke. No-one will ever know what it is like not to be able to have a drink let alone food. Just think your problem is only short term in comparison with your goal at the end. I had no choice. Hope this helps you

    • Jean, I know my problems are nothing compared to yours, and I have nothing but admiration for you. I’m sure this will help to keep me motivated and to achieve my goal.

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