Day 40 – It’s Habit Forming

I’ve done 40 days now on the Cambridge Weight Plan, and it’s become a habit. I am used to it, so it’s fairly easy to stick to. I was surprised at how I felt watching everyone else eating over the past few weeks, including a camping holiday, working away and a big celebration meal, and not coming off plan. It wasn’t exactly enjoyable, but it was certainly easier than I thought it would be.

I’m not losing weight as fast as I would ideally like to, but I am losing weight. My usual work jacket looks ridiculous on me now, so it’s had to go in the charity shop bag. My other one, which has veered between just comfortable and too tight since I’ve had it, is now loose. My size 18 skirt is loosish. My size 16 skirt, which is very stretchy and used to be quite tight, is now very comfortable.

I’ve officially lost 20lbs, which is an average of half a pound a day. It’s also very nearly a stone and a half. In my terms, since I tend to put on half a stone a year on average, I’ve gained myself three years back.

Since I still have over 5 1/2 stone to lose until I hit my ultimate goal weight, I also look at how much I’ve lost since my heaviest this year, which was 15 stone 7, or 217 lbs. I’ve lost 25 lbs since then, according to my scales, which weigh very closely to my consultant’s scales.

Major triumphs are going camping for five days and still losing weight, working away from home and sticking to plan, and having a celebration meal with friends and family yesterday, and only having the salmon and veggies out of The Husband’s fabulous Salmon en Croute.

Things what I have consumed what are not strictly on plan:

Diet coke – lots, long drives to Scotland and back. Coke zero is recommended because it’s not got any citric acid in it. Citric acid apparently slows down weight loss. So today I switched to Coke Zero and actually it was nicer than Diet Coke…

6 cherry tomatoes (in ready made salads)

Messing about with my milk allowances. Usually I have some semi-skimmed, not usually too much more than is allowed, but sometimes I’m not able to measure accurately (especially when camping!)

Chicken leg meat from the barbecue (no skin). According to the plan I should stick to just chicken breast meat.

Whilst camping, I had a mouthful each of haggis, potato scone and lorne sausage. I just had to at least try the components of a Scottish breakfast. (I could probably eat haggis if there was nothing else available but I doubt I’d order it again…)

The same day I had a carvery meal – roast beef, gravy, buttered carrots, peas and sweetcorn, and strawberries and cream for dessert (no sugar).

I’m also having a lot of trouble drinking enough water, mostly because if I do, I spend too much time in the loo and I’ve got a load of meetings at work, so I can only drink my liquid first thing and in the evenings.

And that’s all. Maybe if I hadn’t done all of that, I’d be a few pounds lighter by now. But the whole point of the Cambridge Weight Plan is that it’s sustainable. It’s habit. By default now, I have my products, drink as much sparkly water and tea as I can bear, and get on with my life without feeling too deprived – and without feeling hungry all the time.

I have no doubt that even after goal weight I will still live my life eating what I fancy for a few weeks, and then having a few weeks on CWP to lose the extra pounds. Yes it’s yoyo dieting. But I’ve done that all of my life, and in the end, yoyo dieting a stone or so either way is going to be better for me than my weight steadily increasing until I die of obesity or diabetes related complications.

Better stop rambling. Time for me to have a nice cup of tea and a malt toffee chocolate bar, Cambridge stylie:-)

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One Response to Day 40 – It’s Habit Forming

  1. susanlanigan says:

    That is impressive, Eleanor. Glad to hear the diet is working. Hope you’re feeling good, you sound happy anyway!

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