About two months ago my colitis flared up and since then, my weight loss has stalled. It’s not possible to eat a low calorie diet of three shakes and a bar every day when I feel sick most of the time and that gets much worse on an empty stomach. I start every day with good intentions, but by about midmorning I’m often feeling very ropey and start eating – strangely, often crisps and oranges.

My weight, oddly enough, went up about four pounds from my lowest in recent months, and then stopped. I’m stable at about two stone lower than my highest this year – 13 1/2 stone rather than 15 1/2 stone. I’ve tried sticking to a low carb diet, but now that also makes me feel sick. If I’m feeling very bad, all I want to eat is bread. Not even bread and jam – sometimes bread and butter, sometimes toast, but mostly, just bread. And in no universe can you find bread that can be considered low carb.

I think I’m starting to recover from the flareup, but I don’t want the weight to go back on. I’m feeling so much better at two stone down than I used to, maybe I’ll feel even better if I lose a bit more. So tomorrow my consultant is coming round with some more products, and I’m going to see if I can cope on one of the less restrictive steps. Strangely, they seem to closely follow the original Weightwatchers plan that I followed when I was a teenager. I’ve bought some dwarf bread in anticipation – the most healthy looking seed-filled brown bread they had in M&S. And more oranges.

One of the nicer things that has happened since I’ve lost that two stone is that I’m walking so much more. I’m working in Edinburgh during the week, and it’s a really lovely city to walk through. Lots of hills though:-) I often walk to work, which depending on which office I’m in, is either half a mile or two miles. And if I don’t, I usually walk down the bus route until I feel too tired to carry on, or the weather gets bad. I’m quite addicted to walking now.

And one of the other good things that has happened is that I’ve gone right off Chinese takeaways – one of my weak points. Not fussed on Indian takeaways either… Now, if the family decides takeaway is justified (which usually happens around once a week), if I’m not feeling strong enough to have a shake instead, chicken kebab and salad is the order of the day. Luckily for me though, nothing is quite as nice as The Husband’s home cooking:-) Hmmm… there may be a business idea there…

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