Spirals and Safety Nets – So Far So Good

I’ve stopped taking my antidepressants again. It took me about six months to come off them completely, and I stopped taking any about four months ago.

Despite thinking I would never be able to come off them, I’d found some worrying articles on the internet about antidepressants. I’m not convinced of the truth of them all, but I decided to reduce the dose after having been on my new plan of nutrition for quite some time, and feeling very stable. And that was ok, so I decided to try stopping them altogether. I did this without telling the doctor – which is absolutely NOT something I recommend.

So far so good.I was rather bad tempered and irritable for a while, although I believe that’s easing off now.I had one vague thought of ‘it’s all too much, I can’t live like this’ which led me as far as the cupboard with the chocolate in it, and then went away. I’m less resilient and more emotional, although with time, I’m becoming more resilient.

I also find myself being harsher than I’m used to, and sometimes rather bitchy. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that. I am finding though, in my new role at a higher managerial level than I’ve ever been before, the harsh side of me is coming in useful:-)

I do feel as if I need some extra support, from non-medicinal, more holistic methods. I’ve started some counselling again – I find it helps me to organise my thoughts, even when nothing exceptional is going on in my life. I’m doing a lot of walking, and some meditation, and I’ve discovered the joys of adult colouring, of which my favourites are Moorish designs:-)

I also found a new eating and lifestyle plan. Like religion and politics, all plans which address what food you eat and what movement you do, evoke evangelical responses. So all I will do is say, this works for me, it’s called AltShift, and can be found here:


And in a similar light to my I Am Fat blogpost, a very enlightening blog post explaining why so many of us are fat, can be found here:


So after all of the times I was told, and believed, I would never be able to live a functional life without antidepressants, I have learned a lesson: Never say never.

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One Response to Spirals and Safety Nets – So Far So Good

  1. susanlanigan says:

    Good to hear from you, Eleanor. I’ve been on a hiatus from social media for the duration of Lent, but you popped into my mind on and off the last few days for some reason!

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