When I started this blog, six years ago as I write (end of July 2017), my little boys really were little, and I was a Business Analyst by trade. It was a blog intended mainly to communicate issues about my depression to my loved ones, and to myself – at times I found it very hard to communicate face to face, or keep track of my own thoughts and realisations. As I continued to blog about depression and various other issues close to my heart (low-carb diets, paleo eating, comments on the state of the world we live in, tarot readings), people who read the posts continued to find them useful.

About two and a half years ago, we started to suspect that my youngest was autistic. This was eventually borne out by a formal diagnosis, and in the meantime, while we were researching autism in every way we could, it became obvious to us that all five of us shared many autistic traits. Our middle child is now on a fast track to a diagnosis, and all of us regard ourselves as being on the autistic spectrum. The blog has therefore taken a new direction recently, as we’ve had to become subject matter experts in autism, and have realised why life has seemed so baffling for us for so long.

Right now my eldest is 16, and even my youngest is not so small. I’ve changed my job – I’m now a Data Architect, which means I spend most of my days up to my eyeballs in data and spreadsheets (and I LOVE it:-) I follow a way of eating called AltShift (I wont evangalise, but it works for me), and I no longer track my tarot readings through my blog, but I am now helping my good friend Jan from Angel Paths by editing/proofreading her e-books about Tarot (probably the best Tarot resources out there, both website and books).

I can’t complete the About page without talking about my husband, who has just had his first book published! It’s a crime thriller set in Cardiff, and highly recommended – even by people who are not part of his family:-) The List is available from Amazon in Paperback or on Kindle.

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