My name is Eleanor Miller. I’m a married mother of three little boys, Business Analyst in my day job and professional Tarot reader, among many other things.

When I started this blog, my intention was to use it to record my daily Tarot readings, look back on them the next day and by doing so increase my understanding of the Tarot. And for quite some time I did that, and I learned a lot. In addition, I’m a great believer in the benefits of a sensible low-carb diet for those who respond well to it, and since I travel a lot with my work, I’ve found it quite difficult to eat out in a healthy low-carb way. So there’s a section on my blog about places I’ve found where the meals are suitable for me (and anyone else following this lifestyle).

But when I became very depressed, I needed a way to communicate some things to my loved ones that I found very hard to talk about face to face, and I started the blog up again so that I could put my thoughts down on “paper”, make sure they were ordered and coherent, show them to family and friends and record them to look back on later.

So far, I have found blogging my realisations and observations very helpful, and some of my posts seem to have resonated with other people either living with depression, or living with loves ones who have depression. So as long as it continues to help me and help other people, I’ll carry on blogging! All constructive comments are welcome and I try to respond to everyone.

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