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This summer, there is a campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (and possibly elsewhere) called #TakeTheMaskOff. It started on 23rd July and as far as I can tell, within my Autistic bubble, it’s taken social media by storm. Autistic people … Continue reading

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Last night there was a terrorist attack in the centre of London. So far seven innocent people have died, and three attackers were shot dead. This follows a suicide bomb at a concert in Manchester less than two weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Spirals and Safety Nets – So Far So Good

I’ve stopped taking my antidepressants again. It took me about six months to come off them completely, and I stopped taking any about four months ago. Despite thinking I would never be able to come off them, I’d found some … Continue reading

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Suicide (caution, some readers might find this disturbing)

Embarrassing. That’s my first reaction at having to discuss thoughts of suicide. I’m sitting in front of the doctor, trying to explain that I’m worried about what happened when I came off the pills, because I went so far downhill … Continue reading

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Lower the Dose

So, having decided to reduce the dose of my antidepressants, I had one month on 100mg alternating with 50mg per day, and now I’m down on 50mg per day for one month. Next step is 50mg every other day for … Continue reading

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Without A Safety Net

Like the stereotypical mental health patient, I take my meds, I feel better, I don’t like the side effects so I stop taking them. This time, I’ve decided to stop to see if any of the self-examination and the effort … Continue reading

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Life goes on

I have a new job – one that so far, four days in, I love. The car wouldn’t start today, so now it’s in the garage and we’re managing with one car. Weather is lousy – so cold I feel … Continue reading

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